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Optimize Your Automation and Robotics System


Our Automation & Robotics Division is experienced in outfitting new and currently in-use equipment with solutions to improve performance and productivity. Our line card includes a wide variety of Machine Control products designed to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

Merging automation, robotics, and machine control into one unified system enables manufacturers to embrace their operations full potential. 

Centro is an Authorized Distributor for top brands in Automation & Robotics Motion Control, including Ace, Dorner, Ross, and Yaskawa Motion.

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Yaskawa Motion Authorized Distributor

Machine Control Solutions for Faster and More Efficient Production Processes

Safer Work Environments 

More Efficient Processes

Boost Productivity & Accuracy

Protecting your employees is essential. Hydraulic and Pneumatic safety controls protect your machine operators in addition to the machines themselves. Improve the volume, safety, and sustainability of your machine controls using damping and vibration technologies and other machine control technologies. 

Our machine control solutions will make your production process faster and more efficient. Conveyor Automation reduces your waste, downtime and maximizes your production output by getting your product to the exact location, in the correct position, at the precise time it needs to be there for the next phase in your process. 

Machine Control systems are more capable and affordable than ever. Yaskawa Machine Controllers are well known for their flexibility and cost-effective configurations. As an authorized distributor for this top machine control brand, we are well versed in the best controller for your stand-alone or networking system. 

High-Level Industrial Monitoring and Control

Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement Solutions Including

  • Paker IPS: Aluminum T-Slot Extrusion Structure
  • Neugart USA: Linear Guides, Telescopic Guides, and Linear Actuators
  • Fibro: Rotary Indexing Tables
  • Neugart USA: Precision Gearheads for Automation, Motion-Control, and Robotics
  • Macron Dynamics: Linear and Mechanical Motion Components and Systems
  • Exlar Actuators: Electric Linear Actuators
  • Applied Motion Products: Motion Control Systems

Is Your Automation & Robotics Partner A UL508A Certified Panel Shop? 

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent testing company that provides product safety standards and third party product safety certification. A UL508A Panel is an electrical control panel with a UL508A Label. This certifies it meets the UL508 safety standard and was produced by a panel shop with UL508A certification.


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