Specialized UL508A Control Panels


The Support Group within the Automation & Robotics Division of Centro, Inc., is a Certified UL508A Panel Shop that designs and builds a wide range of specialized control panels from single push-button stations to advanced multi-bay enclosures.

Using AutoCAD Electrical, our panel shop offers support from the design concept to completion. Each cabinet can be tailored to the exact specifications unique to individual project requirements. A 36-point quality check is performed on all panel projects.

Each person on our estimating team has extensive knowledge and experience and is ready to help guide your project to success.

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UL 508A is a safety standard for industrial control panels, which are used to house electrical components such as relays, switches, circuit breakers, and other devices that control and manage machinery or processes in industrial settings. These panels ensure the safe and reliable operation of various equipment and systems by providing proper electrical connections, protection, and organization of components.

Control panels built by UL 508A standards adhere to specific guidelines for wiring, grounding, insulation, component spacing, ventilation, and other safety and performance considerations. The panels undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they meet these standards and operate safely.

Motor Control Panel

Pneumatic Control Panel


Industries & Applications Served

  • Industrial Manufacturing Equipment
  • Life Sciences & Medical Equipment
  • Automation Systems & Controls
  • Data Storage & Networking
  • Cloud & IoT
  • Robotic Technology
  • Test Equipment
  • Industrial Automation

Yaskawa VDF Panel

Operator Interface & Pilot Devices

Quality Control & Testing of Control Systems

Is Your Robotics Partner A UL508A Certified Panel Shop? 

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent testing company that provides product safety standards and third party product safety certification. A UL508A Panel is an electrical control panel with a UL508A Label. This certifies it meets the UL508 safety standard and was produced by a panel shop with UL508A certification.

Panel Types We Build

UL 508A Certified Panel Shop.
  • HMI Panels
  • Protective Relay Panels
  • Softstart Control Panel
  • Design Build Control Panel
  • SCADA Systems
  • Explosion Proof Panels
  • Stop/Start Stations

  • IOT Panels

  • Operator Consoles
  • Industrial PC’s
  • Junction Termination Boxes

  • PLC Panels

  • Relay Panels
  • VFD Panels

  • VFD Bypass Panel
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Process Control Panels
  • Pneumatic Panels
  • Analyzer Panels

  • Motor Controls
  • Motor Starters

Control Panel 101

There are different types of Electrical Control Panels used in the industry for multiple purposes. These panels are responsible for holding the meters, switches, relay, cables, molded case circuit breakers, and other such electrical safety and distribution equipment. Control panels are also responsible for controlling and interacting with the procedures of a process or a piece of equipment.

These panels come in different sizes and shapes. They require specialized individual handling. The usage varies according to your facility's needs and preferences. Some of these types are:


Control Panels for Automation & Robotics
  • Motor control panels
  • Power control center panels
  • Power distribution panels
  • Variable Frequency Drive panels

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