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Today’s modern food and beverage manufacturers are expected to produce outstanding quality, high-volume products while containing costs. 

Food and beverage companies can streamline and optimize their processes using machine control systems, end-of-arm tooling, bar code scanners, and RFID automated identification systems.

Centro, Inc. helps food and beverage manufacturers exceed rigorous food safety and quality standards, save labor costs and meet an ever-growing demand.

Centro, Inc. proudly represents many automation solution manufacturers that offer products designed to excel in Food and Beverage applications.

Improved sanitation
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Improved quality
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Improved safety
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Higher cycle-rates
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Repetitive task optimization
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Ensuring food safety
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Maintained Hygiene Standards
Ensuring compressed air quality
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Food safe lubricants
Chemical resistance
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Reduce machine downtime
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The Most Efficient Food and Beverage Solutions Flow Through Centro

Centro is a specialty distributor and sales representative with expertise in improving the efficiency of food and beverage manufacturing processes where the flow control of fluids, solids, and gases is a critical success factor. We use industry-leading brands of valves, steam products, automation, instrumentation, pumps and seals, compressors, and process filtration to create flow solutions to meet your most brutal food and beverage manufacturing challenges.

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