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Are You Using The Best Safety Solutions For Your Industrial Applications?

The safety and productivity of people, machines, and processes is a critical element of any industrial operation. The best Industrial safety solutions lead to higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), less unscheduled downtime, and less than half the injury rate of average performers.

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The Top Brands In Industrial Safety Solutions

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Centro combines products from our Instrumentation, Measurement, & Control Division with our Automation & Robotics Division to create solutions specific to our customer's industry and manufacturing process.

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Higher Equipment Effectiveness
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Less Unscheduled Downtime
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Less Than Half The Injury Rate

Centro's ability to combine these different product disciplines allows us to help customers optimize their entire manufacturing process. Other distributors focus on one product or a single part of the customer's process. Centro is different.

Let our team of experts help you develop safer, more productive solutions from our line cards of the top manufacturers in industrial safety.  

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Authorized Distributor

  • Ross Controls Safety Valves
  • Energy Isolation Valves
  • Hazardous Location Valves
  • Safe Control & Load Handling Valves 
  • Safe Exhaust Valves
  • Safe Load-Holding (PO Check) Valves 
  • Safe Return Valves
  • Soft Start 


Authorized Distributor

  • Area Scanners
  • Complete Safety Systems and Solutions 
  • Electro-Mechanical Safety Switches 
  • Emergency Stop and Stop Controls 
  • Light Beam Safety Devices
  • Light Curtains
  • Non-Contact Safety Switches
  • Safety Camera Systems
  • Safety Command Devices
  • Safety Controls
  • Safety Locking Devices
  • Safety Radar Sensors
  • Safety Relays 


Authorized Distributor

  • Safety Laser Scanner 
  • Datalogic Safety Light Curtain 
  • Safety Switches & Modules 
  • Electromechanical Guard Locking Devices 
  • Electromechanical Safety Switches 
  • Emergency Stop and Stop Controls
  • Light Curtains 
  • Magnetic Safety Encoder Systems 
  • Magnetically Coded Safety Switches
  • Safe I/O Modules
  • Transponder-Coded Guard Locking Devices 
  • Transponder-Coded Safety Sensors 


Authorized Distributor

  • Balluff Safety Hub
  • Emergency Stop and Start Controls
  • Guard Locking Safety Switches
  • Hinge Safety Switches
  • Mechanical Door & Gate Sensing Safety Switches 
  • Non-Contact Safety Switches 
  • Safety Controllers 
  • Safety Laser Scanner 
  • Safety Light Curtains 
  • Safety Relays 
  • Two-Hand Controls 


Authorized Distributor

  • Honeywell Safety Products
  • Honeywell Gas Safety Shut Off Valve
  • LEL Detection for Explosive Gases
  • Toxic Gas Alarming
  • Safety Sensors to Avoid Asphyxiation
  • Honeywell Flame Safety


Authorized Distributor

  • Hazardous Prevention Methods for Electrical Safety
  • Pepperl + Fuchs Intrinsically Safe Solutions
  • Safety Purge Panels
  • Explosion Proof Containment Strategies


Authorized Distributor

  • Lift-Assist Devices 


Authorized Distributor

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 
  • Power Factor & Harmonics
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Frequency Conversion 
  • Regulation & Power Conditioning 

GSM Inc.

Authorized Distributor

  • GSM Safety Products
  • GSM Safety Fence
  • Machine Guard Doors 
  • Machine Guard Fencing 
  • Steel Mezzanine Platforms 


Authorized Distributor

  • Machine Guard Doors 
  • Machine Guard Fencing 
  • Steel Mezzanine Platforms 


Authorized Distributor

  • Fortress Interlock Safety Fencing
  • Heavy Duty Guard Locking
  • Industrial Access Control
  • Mechanical Trapped Key Interlocks 
  • Non-Contact Safety Switches 
  • Stainless Steel Modular Gate Switches 
  • Switches and Control Devices 

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